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Shopping Local. Simplified.

Wholeheartedly Local features small, local businesses—shops, products and services across Atlantic Canada, providing the consumer with an online platform (marketplace) to easily shop and support local businesses through searchable directory listings. It also provides local businesses with a space (HUB) to promote their products, shops and services resulting in increased exposure and growing their customer base.

As the bridge between customers looking to support local and small businesses, we forge a relationship between the local listings (shops, brands and services) and customers.

Committed to working with businesses to meet the consumer’s local shopping needs, we strive to create a space where the local shopper can explore and discover businesses to support, source products they’re looking for and do so with ease in one location—like a market that never ends.

Wholeheartedly Local believes in the power of reinvesting our hard-earned dollars back into our communities. This HUB, both, unifies the local business community and connects them to consumers to grow their business, resulting in more strong, vibrant communities.

Posted by Tobique River Trading Co on Friday, 21 February 2020

Businesses Talking About Us

“Thank you to Courtenay Brennan and Wholeheartedly Local! We teamed up with Wholeheartedly Local early on with our coffee roasting business at Tobique River Trading Co. and the response from customers was fantastic! We were able to reach communities outside of our own, which boosted our business in its beginning stages. The innovation and vision of Courtenay in regards to her company’s concept is leading edge. We highly recommend Wholeheartedly Local and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”

Local Shoppers Talking About Us

I found out about Wholeheartedly Local a few weeks ago and began following them on Instagram. I was excited to see all the shout outs to local businesses. One Instagram story highlighted a new company - Tobique River Trading Co. - that was roasting coffee locally. I easily found them through Wholeheartedly Local’s post and ordered some coffee. What great service from Tobique River Trading Co - they delivered right to my door just after a huge snowstorm! The coffee is fantastic and I will only be getting coffee from them from now on. Keep up the great work, Wholeheartedly Local putting us in touch with local companies and keeping rural NB strong!


To provide local consumers with a simplified online marketplace to discover and support local businesses and to promote local businesses through an all-local online directory, increasing their exposure, growing their customer base and supporting them in their growth goals.

Locally Committed in Heart and Mind

Wholeheartedly Local is committed to consistently operating with our core values at top of mind and within the heart of our operation.


Valuing the talent, time and intentions of everyone we work with, we act with honesty, integrity, transparency and thoughtfulness. Centred in holding this responsibility in the highest regard.


Passionate about discovering, celebrating and growing local, connecting the consumer to local products and services, supporting small businesses and providing the space for the consumer to do the same. Focused on demonstrating that passion in our partnerships with the local business owners who pour their heart and soul into their business.


Committed to building relationships grounded in cooperation with a shared vision to grow local, connecting consumers to local businesses resulting in a community used as the exclusive source to shop local.


Driven to inspire growth among small businesses and motivated to forge the path for consumer behaviour to support local first, through the use of Wholeheartedly Local as the exclusive source to shop local.

Hi there!

I am Courtenay—good food and wine lover, passport stamp collector, and fashion enthusiast with a passion for success and commitment to promoting all things local!

For as long as I can remember, even as a young girl, I have had a strong desire to seek out and discover local shops and products, both at home and anywhere I visited. I have always loved jumping into a local establishment and talking to storefront workers in an effort to unravel the stories that make up the fabric of a small business and the community in which it exists.

Over the years, as I travelled more and lived in various locations across the world, my passion to discover products and support local businesses never faded. If anything, it only became stronger. As I planted roots back home in New Brunswick, and began working with the small business community in my professional life, one thing became very clear—connecting with business owners and learning about the products they produce, the services they provide and how they strive and grow gave me an incredible feeling of admiration for what they do for their customers and how they contribute to their communities. The stories behind businesses and their products are something few get to hear and I feel those stories should be shared and celebrated by us all.

Today’s consumer is motivated by value and as a society, we are now wired to shop from our mobile devices—it’s convenient. As someone who grew up in a farming family and a small community, I know that small businesses really are the backbone of our economy and that we all need to do our part to support them if we want our communities to grow and thrive. So, in the spirit of combining convenience and the increasing desire to support local businesses, consumers can now use their devices to explore local options at their fingertips and satisfy their need for value in the products they find, while keeping money in our communities.

Wholeheartedly Local is the result of what I’ve always wanted as a consumer myself—an all local, easily accessible online marketplace to shop by location, discover amazing products and services and support the small businesses I love. It is a way for me to “do my part” to support local and I hope you will use it to do the same. Let it be the bridge you need to find what you are looking for in an effort to do your part, as a consumer, and let it be the platform you need to list your business and grow your customer base, as a business owner.

To grow this community, it takes a community. So please share this online space, tell your friends, discover and purchase your products from listed local businesses, consider listing your own business, make it your community and let’s grow local together!